rooted in kindness, respect, & trust  

You deserve to embrace genuine emotions and fully enjoy yourselves without thinking too much about the camera. That is why there is little I won't do to make you and your family look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

After 15 years in this business, I know that the more comfortable you feel, the more your true joy will shine in your images.​​​​​​​ That's why I'll gently guide you into pretty places with perfect light and tell you what to do with your hands and bouquet. Rather than unnatural, stiff poses and awkward cues, I'll direct you to say or do sweet things to make each other giggle, smile, and swoon. And if I sense you need a little more encouragement, I'll have you glance at the back of my camera so I can show you the natural beauty and true love I see.

This is why I'm passionate about ensuring the experience that accompanies your images is just as beautiful as the photos themselves. 


 with a heart to serve

The images I capture are so much more than wedding photos. They are a time capsule: An elegant and whimsical display of the moments, people, and experiences of your day that you will turn to time and time again.

expert guidance​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Loving and serving others is my biggest motivator in life. ​​​​​​​So the opportunity to enhance your memories and provide breathtaking images drives me and my approach. 


Her talent is only matched by her kindness! 

She is such a joy to work with, and worked so hard on our wedding day to make it the most memorable, intimate, and enjoyable day possible.

Before I transitioned full-time into photography, I was a paralegal for over seven years, There I learned that precision, poise, and a high level of dependability were not only expected, they were essential. Now instead of legal research and prep work for high-powered attorneys, I have the honor of working for you! And after photographing over 200 weddings, I am intimately familiar with the level of quality and detail you expect.
You'll find that I think through the logistics and map out how to navigate your day. And I'm enthusiastic about the details—always anticipating your needs and planning ahead in a way that works for you, your desires, and your timeline.


My primary job is to make you and the people surrounding you on this day look good! And as I see, that includes the team you've hired. 
So, I'll work well with your vendors, communicate clearly, and direct the room with respect and confidence. And I'll do my part to keep things on track and organized. As a result, I can promise that in addition to everything being​​​​​​​ quick, efficient, and enjoyable, nothing important to you will be missed.


thoughtful planning


I fully trusted her to capture our special day.

When you choose her, you're not just booking her for a day or two of your life. She talked with me frequently for a whole year planning all the details to make sure the whole day ran smoothly.


I happen to be an "only read paper books" type of person, and some might call me an old soul, because I lean toward the classic and timeless beauty of old. 


The first time I picked up a camera as a little girl, I fell in love. 
I was immediately inspired by the beauty I could capture. And amazed that I could freeze moments in time. That sense of awe that began in my grandmother's garden never left me and continues to drive and inspire my work today.


I'm made

So you can trust whether I'm shooting with film or digital, I'll intentionally edit your photos with that same nostalgic feel.

One look at my portfolio, and you'll notice a light and subtle softness, along with creamy skin tones, gorgeous textures, and what seems to be a romantic glow from the heavens! That's because I take my time curating and perfecting each and every collection. 


- Kayla

She was such a calming presence.

She is so thoughtful and warm and endearing. And has such a peace about her that a bride needs on that special day.



Aside from the delicate details, stunning florals and timeless romance alive on wedding days, I draw inspiration from the beauty and love that surrounds me. 
Each and everyday.

forever INSPIRED