Lane and Chelsea’s Rehearsal Dinner was one for the books!  From the moment Lane teared up seeing Chelsea in her rehearsal dress, to the kind words everyone shared toasting them, to the sunset with their pups- it was the kind of rehearsal dinner everyone dreams about. They had their rehearsal dinner at their incredible wedding venue- Chateau Selah, in Blountville. Even though I was not Lane and Chelsea’s wedding day photographer, it was still so much fun to jump into their rehearsal and capture those last few hours before they became husband and wife. You could tell by all the toasts just how loved Lane and Chelsea are by their friends and family. I teared up so many times listening to all the sweet stories and all the encouragement that was given to them. You could tell that these two are really something special and I cannot wait to see what their future holds. I am cheering for you Lane and Chelsea!


Venue: Chateau Selah in Blountville, Tennessee
Doughnuts: Auntie Ruth’s Doughnuts
Music: Troublesome Hollow

June 22, 2018

Lane + Chelsea // Chateau Selah in Blountville, Tennessee