When I first began transitioning from digital to mostly film, it was not easy. It has taken me quite some time to feel confident shooting film in most circumstances, and just like any other art form- you learn something new every time you are doing it.  I am pretty proud of JT and Mckenzy’s engagement session because I shot film in a different setting than I normally do and in different light than I normally do- but the risk was most definitely worth the reward. These images may be some of my favorite to date because of the way they color tones turned out. Mckenzy’s skin is glowing in a peachy color and the lighting was giving her a serious halo.  And that bouquet from Melissa Timm Designs was something else with all those anemones and peonies!

As a former Texan, sometimes I struggle with all the green in Tennessee and I miss the big open skies and light I learned photography in. The learning curve has been steep (insert laughing/crying emoji here!) When Mckenzy requested Mead’s Quarry in Knoxville, I wasn’t sure it would work..but WOWZA! I felt like I was back in the Texas hill country in Austin for a lazy weekend on the river.

JT and Mckenzy are probably the kindest and sweetest people you could ever meet. I can’t wait for their wedding at the new Waterstone venue this September. I am cheering for you two!


June 10, 2019

Mead’s Quarry, Knoxville, Tennessee Engagement Session